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■Greeting from the President

The number of the tourists and business people who visit Japan are increasing year after year, and the annual number of the visitors finally reached ten million in 2013.
And in future, there will be more people who yearn for visiting Japan.
The oriental country, and "the land of gold", Japan.
But visiting another country is not so easy to make it happen, even if you wish to do.
It is the same to me.
It's been 55 years since I was born in Japan, and I have many places in the world that I wish to visit someday.
However, it is not that easy to actually visit those places. I have to manage to find my time and money to travel.
It means there should be many people like me, who can't visit Japan despite their wish to do so.
So, here is the idea I've come up with.
Why don't I deliver the flavor of Japan to those who wish to visit our country from all over the world?
The flavor, in which the essence of Japan is condensed, that becomes a symbol of Japan.
That is, a kanji wall scroll. It even has your favorite kanji characters.
Plus, we'll also convert your own name into kanji characters.
The sound of the alphabets of your name will be applied to kanji characters.
From Japan we offer this unique gift that is only for you, that you can't find anywhere else in the world.
Hang your kanji scroll on your wall and enjoy the oriental flavor of Japan.
We'll make your kanji wall scroll hoping that someday you'll actually visit our great country, Japan.

Chikara Hirano

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■Company Profile

Company name 太陽神書院(taiyo-shinshoin)
Address 1-1 Yatsu Ageo-shi Saitama Japan
Company President Chikara Hirano
Business Sales, as well as planning and development of the hanging scroll


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