■About Japanese “Kanji”

Japanese culture, the history of Kanji
Kanji are characters that originate from China and are a culture that has been handed down.
It is said that they made their way to Japan somewhere around the 5th and 6th centuries, and formed the basis for Hiragana and Katakana. They are the foundation for the character culture of Japan.
In present day, Kanji are making their way outside of Japan and the word is making its way around the world.
・Every character has a meaning
Each Kanji character has a meaning, some even containing multiple meanings.
The more you get used to them, the more likely you'll come to know a Kanji's meaning just by getting a glimpse of it.
Once you can understand a Kanji not by its shape, but by its meaning, you'll be a true Japanese master!
・Cool and excellent! Familiar Kanji
Kanji have made their way overseas, showing up all over the place in recent years.
Whether it's in Japanese restaurants, on a t-shirt or tattoo, they've become popular and have become an international hit.
You might even see them showing up on billboards around your city.

・Amazing! The wonderful culture of Kanji in your room
Now is your chance to get these popular Kanji in any combination you like!
Choose your own design with its own meaning and form and make a hanging scroll.

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■About Japanese “Hanging Scroll”

・Hanging scrolls in Japan's "exhibition alcoves"
Japanese homes that respect traditions have a space known as the "exhibition alcove."
This is a "seat of honor" made in a guest room that uses tatami mats, and is considered a sacred space.
It is also a space where highly artistic objects such as flower vases and hanging scrolls are displayed.

・Items that make up a sacred space
Spaces that are adorned with hanging scrolls are called "seats of honor," and as they are understood to be a place where sacred objects are contained, these scrolls are used as a tool to create this sacred space.
They are often adorned along with swords (*1) Buddhist ritualistic instruments, and are often depicted along with portable shrines (*2) that praise the gods.

*1...This refers to Japanese swords. If it is a fake sword which has no edge, you can find them in stores.
*2...These are vehicles that gods ride on that are carried during festivals, and are usually offered to Shinto shrines.
*3...These are festivals that are held to give continuing gratitude to the gods. They are events that bring people closer to the gods.
掛け軸Hanging Scrol:Michael Jackson

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■You can choose your favorite 3 kind of Kanji

“Choose Kanji Hanging scroll ”   Price:$150

Please choose your favorite 3 kind of Kanji. An expert artisan will put care into writing each one.

(Choose Kanji Hanging scroll size : width 31cm x height 112cm)

No1 travelNo1 travel
No2 echoNo2 echo
No3 windNo3 wind
No4 routeNo4 route
No5 flowerNo5 flower
No6 advanceNo6 advance
No7 truthNo7 truth
No8 pheonixNo8 pheonix
No9 lightNo9 light
No10 seaNo10 sea
No11 heartNo11 heart
No12 realityNo12 reality
No13 loveNo13 love
No14 dreamNo14 dream
No15 willNo15 will
No16 trust  No16 trust 
No17 loyalty   No17 loyalty
No18 beauty   No18 beauty
No19 justice No19 justice
No20 naught  No20 naught
No21 dragonNo21 dragon
No22 zenNo22 zen
No23 twinkleNo23 twinkle
No24 dominationNo24 domination
No25 spiritNo25 spirit
No26 blossom  No26 blossom
No27 samuraiNo27 fight
No28 gracefulNo28 graceful
No29 godNo29 god
No30 far offNo30 far off

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■We will arrange your name in Kanji.

As each Kanji has a meaning, they will bring additional meaning to your name.
Besides your own name, we are known for our service to take the name of that important someone in your life and turn their name into Kanji as a gift.

・As a present for a Japanese "Naming Ceremony"
In Japan, "Naming Ceremonies" are held where a newborn child's name is written on paper and adorned.
This is the first ceremony that a baby receives, and is a very important and sacred event that not only celebrates their birth, but also prays for the baby's health and a happy future.
Why don't you send one as a gift for your child, or for a child of a loved one?

*As we take into consideration meaning and balance, we may need a considerable amount of time.
Example: Michael Jackson, Charlotte Diana, Naruto etc.,
John Lennon, Arnold Schwarzenegger
“Kanji Name Hanging scroll ”   Price:$150

(Kanji Name Hanging scroll size : width 44.5cm x height 190cm)


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■Mechanism of name kanji Art

Example)Michael Jackson
If you try to convert English names in Kanji, apply a lot of Kanji.
The "samurai-art-zen", choose the most suitable Kanji
from among the many Kanji in the image of "Michael Jackson".
Michael Jackson ⇒ 舞跳蛇尊
mi ○ 舞・・・Do dance × 米・・・Rice × 妹・・・Younger sister
chael ○ 跳・・・Jump × 蹴・・・Kick  
jack ○ 蛇・・・Dance like a snake × 雀・・・Sparrow  × 弱・・・Weak
son ○ 尊・・・Respected × 損・・・Loss × 村・・・Village
Your name and I choose a special Kanji.

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■Price List

1.Choose Kanji Hanging scroll (Your favorite three charactors of Kanji) $ 150
2.Kanji Name Hanging scroll (I will make your name in Kanji) $ 150
3.(1+2)Choose Kanji Hanging scroll  & Kanji Name Hanging scroll $ 250
This is the amount inclusive of postage.

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■Flow of events from order to delivery

1, Choose your characters or Change your name into Kanji or Both
1, Choose your characters or Change your name into Kanji or Both
Please choose your favorite 3 Kanji from the above sample.
Of course, you're free to choose your own cool shapes and meanings!
2, From order form to order
2, From order form to order
On the order form, please choose your favorite Kanji number and please your order.
When making a name into Kanji, please enter your own name in English.
Once we have confirmed, we will take your to payment options.
Please pay with the shown payment forms after confirming the charge.
We request that payments be made ◯ weeks from order.
4,In your hands!
4,In your hands!
Once we have confirmed receipt of payment, your order will be shipped.
Please wait for delivery. (Depending on region, your order may take a while for delivery)
5, Adorn your hanging scroll! Give it as a gift!
5, Adorn your hanging scroll! Give it as a gift!

Enter into the world of Zen with your own-of-a-kind Kanji hanging scroll!
Now you and enjoy a Zen space anywhere, any time!

(Choose Kanji Hanging scroll size : width 31cm x height 112cm)
(Kanji Name Hanging scroll size : width 44.5cm x height 190cm)

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